5 Types of Online Daters to Avoid


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Although 40 million singles in the US alone use the internet to search for potential mates, it’s not always easy to find sane, normal people via the online medium. Dating sites are littered with freaks, cheaters, and liars who will say or do just about anything to get your phone number or get into your pants. I’m not recommending that you avoid online dating sites altogether, but I do think that you should steer clear of these 5 stereotypical online daters because they mean trouble.

The Dating Website Junkie

If you meet someone who’s a member of virtually every major dating site in existence, beware; you may be dealing with a dating website junkie. Dating website junkies are commitment-phobic and are always hunting for that special someone online. Their standards are typically so high that they’d never be able to settle for a real, live human. They’re perpetually thirsty for a new mate because there’s always a newer, shinier profile to pursue. So, if you meet someone who seems to be jumping from one dating website to the next in search of the perfect mate, ditch them before they ditch you!

The Rebounder

If you see a profile with a headline like, “Looking for a faithful, non-manipulative woman who’s not a b*tch,” or “Players, jocks, and cheaters need not apply!” you have come across the old Rebounder. The Rebounder is bitter, angry, and carrying around a lot of baggage from a previous relationship. To avoid getting involved with a Rebounder, stay away from online daters who post a laundry list of their requirements on their dating profiles or who emphasize the negative qualities they don’t want in a mate.

The “I Gotta Go” Creep

It’s smart to stay safe on online dating websites by not giving out your personal details and last name to strangers. But if you’ve been seeing someone from a dating website for over a year now and you still don’t know their last name, there’s something wrong with that picture.

Other red flags include always talking in a hushed voice on the phone and abruptly ending telephone conversations. If you notice any of these warning signs as well as the overall reluctance to share personal details, it’s safe to say that you’re dealing with an “I Gotta Go” Creep who has a second life you know nothing about.

The Speed Demon

The Speed Demon takes things way too fast. If you message someone on a dating website and they ask you if you want to come over or they’re insistent that you give them your home phone number even though you feel uncomfortable about it, you may be dealing with a Speed Demon. Remember to always follow your intuition. If someone wants you to take things faster than you’re comfortable with, put a stop to the relationship before things spiral out of control.

The Desperate Romantic

You meet someone from on an online dating site in person for the first time and they are just the way you imagined: sweet, charming, intelligent, and physically attractive. The only thing off-putting about this person is the fact that they claim to be in love with you, even though you’ve only met once! While Desperate Romantics are usually not bad people, they’re absolutely desperate to find a life partner. So desperate, in fact, that they’re willing to marry anyone who’ll say, “I do.”